Scrap Handlers

RequestAQuote02In order to maximize productivity in a scrap yard a machine that is highly efficient is required. For quick, constant, and consistent scrap-handling applications that require extensive reach, maximum visibility and stability, nothing can compare to a material handler designed and produced by Iron Ax, Inc.

We can turn your new or used excavator into a material handler. We straighten and lengthen the main boom and attach a stick boom custom manufactured by us. The counterweight is then professionally modified in order to add the appropriate weight. In the past we would raise the cab by either 4 or 6 feet, but now all of our material handlers are self elevating and will raise the operator 17 feet eye level off of the ground.

We can custom manufacture a material handler for you. All of our material handlers are custom designed to meet the needs of our customers. If you have a special need or a specific job that requires a machine that needs to be custom designed, we can help you.

We can equip your material handler with a Baldor hydraulic drive generator, Ohio Magnetics controller with rheostat panel and all gauges.

We can also equip your material handler with a Walker Magnet and Iron Ax grapple, or we can install your existing magnet and grapple.

We are easy to work with and will do whatever it takes to provide our customers with the highest quality material handler available.