Can You Spare A Minute?

That is actually all the time it takes to produce a bale with the Iron Pack Baler! Check out the video below to see the baler in action.

The Iron Pack Baler is a unique portable baler that covers all aspects of baling your material. It has unbelievable capabilities for a mobile machine.

This baler will log full size automobiles and white goods and is also capable of producing #1 and #2 bundles. High pressure, high volume hydraulics and digital electronic controls put this machine on the leading edge of technology.

This highly mobile machine weighs approximately 94,000 lbs. With hydraulic outriggers this machine is ready to be moved in only minutes. A low center of gravity makes it easy to transport at interstate speeds.

This machine is so much more versatile than an auto flattener. The size of the automobile is greatly reduced allowing for maximum weights per tarped load. An environmental friendly design incorporates catch pans which catch any liquids that might drain during the baling process. High speed baling can be achieved with minimum fuel consumption.


Why should you buy an Iron Ax Iron Pack Baler?

All of our balers are designed and manufactured here at our facility in Wadley, Georgia. We don’t have different companies manufacture components and ship them to us for final assembly. We design it and build it all right here at our factory. This gives us a level of quality that no one in the industry can match. We build all of our own hydraulic cylinders and control the quality from beginning to end.


• Remote Control
• Produce #1 and #2 Bundles
• Rear Mounted Crane Available
• Log White Goods and Light Metal
• Log Full Size Automobiles Up To 20. Ft.
• Programmable Pressure Settings
• 200 Horse Power Power Unit
• Hydraulic Outriggers Allow For Quick Setup
• This Machine Weighs Less Than 98,000 Lbs.
• High Speed Baling With Minimum Fuel Consumption.


Have you ever bought a piece of equipment and discovered that when you had a problem the service department isn’t nearly as responsive as the sales department? I am sure you have. We all have! If you can’t get service after the sale what did you really get?

We have the best service and parts availability in the industry. Because we manufacture the complete baler here at our facility, we keep an inventory of parts on hand and can usually ship the same day.



RequestAQuote02Sometimes you just need a few questions answered when you are working on your equipment. Do you ever have trouble getting someone on the phone that can help? I bet you have. We also provide phone support to you, or your mechanic in the field, at no charge or as long as you own the baler. We aren’t shy and will give out our cell phone numbers so you can reach us after hours or on the weekend. By owning and operating 5 scrap yards we know that problems don’t always occur Monday through Friday between 9 and 5.


You expect us to tell you how great an Iron Pack Baler is, but why not hear it from someone else? We will gladly give you names and phone numbers of satisfied customers that have been operating our balers for many years.

We even have one customer that had his baler T-Boned by a log truck!

We were here for you in the past. We are here for you now, and we will be here for you in the future.


200HP 6BTA  5.9 intercooled turbo diesel Tier III

Variable displacement dual Kawasaki pump with 4,350 lbs. maximum operating pressure 100% filtration with 7.5 micron filters (ISO Code 18/16/13) These elements have the highest dirt capability, air cooled oil coolers, pilot operated control valve automatic cycle by digital electronic controls, 4 hydraulic outriggers (controlled from central location).

Automatic Cycle & Remote Control:
The automatic cycle is operated by a small computer that allows the baler to go through the baling cycle and then return to the start position. This computer is a small modular unit (6 1/2” x 8 1/2” x 4”). This same control box contains the remote control receiver and automatic cycle unit. The remote control can be powered by a 12 volt lighter receptacle. The baler can be operated either manually or with automatic cycle.

2 main ram 10″ cylinders pressing from each end with 3 lid cylinders each with a 9″ bore

Cylinder Forces:
Main compression ram cylinders have 190 tons of force each, main lid down force cylinder 342 tons (combined)

Charging Chamber:
20′ Long x 6 1/2′ Wide

Bale Size:
25″ x 40″ x variable [min. length of 36″ – max. length variable]

Bale Density:
Bale density is programmable by adjusting the pressure in 10 pound increments. This allows the operator to achieve the desired bale density for either mill consumption or shredder consumption.

Bale Weight:
Varies according to the size of the bale being produced. When logging white goods and cars the density may vary according to pressure settings from 20 lbs. to 65 lbs. per cubic foot. This can be regulated by the programmable pressure settings.

Tank Capacities:
Fuel Tank: 135 Gallons
Hydraulic Tank: 250 Gallons

94,000 lbs, without a crane

102″ Wide   50 Feet Long