Mobile Shears

Iron Ax has answered the rigorous demands of the scrap and demolition industries by delivering a shear unmatched in performance and efficiency. Designed by a scrap processor who knows and understands your needs, Iron Ax shears represent the latest technological advancements on the market. Advancements specifically designed to minimize maintenance and extend the life of your shear. Whether you are cutting scrap or demolition debris, Iron Ax Shears are engineered to get the job done and get it done fast. The rugged construction and innovative features of Iron Ax Shears ensure you of top productivity, minimum maintenance,and increased profitability. Iron Ax is committed to customer service and support.


Iron Ax Shears are backed by a 12 month / 1,500 hour warranty and an 18 month structural warranty.

We Are Unique...

In the fact that we own and operate five scrap yards, and we have for the past 45 years. We do not just manufacture high quality attachments....we use them. Through owning and operating our scrap yards we have gained an understanding about shears and what it takes to get the job done that no other manufacturer could ever have.


Why Buy A Shear From Iron Ax?

Iron Ax is the ONLY shear manufacturer in the entire industry that offers a complete package consisting of a shear and an excavator. We offer machines that are ready to work as soon as they are unloaded off the truck. Other shear manufacturers can sell you a shear, but then you are going to buy your excavator from someone else. If a problem arises the shear manufacturer is going to point the finger at the excavator and the equipment dealer is going to point the finger at the shear.


Where Does That Leave You?

RequestAQuote02At Iron Ax we offer machines that are ready to work form the moment you get them. We stand behind what we sell, and financing at very attractive rates is available. Do not make a costly mistake and pay top dollar just for a name. Contact us today for a quotation. We want to be your equipment dealer. We have shipped machines all across the continental United States, and internationally as well.

We invite you to visit our facility for an Iron Ax shear demonstration at one of our scrap yards that we have owned and operated for for forty five years.


•  Dual Internal guide system helps maintain jaw alignment

•  Long lever on pivoting jaw allows use of lower hydraulic pressure and less structural stress

•  Patented bolt-on replaceable cutting tip and all bolt-on replaceable wear parts eliminated costly downtime due to welding and build up

•  Cutting tip is rebuildable off of the shear eliminating metal fatigue of jaw assembly

•  Blades extend from tip to throat for maximum cutting performance

•  Iron Ax shears are available with regenerative hydraulic systems for maximum speed and performance

•  Open throat design allows material to pass through preventing hang ups

•  Unitized construction supports lower jaw assembly and conceals and protects the hydraulic cylinder and internal guide system

•  Rotating shears are mounted on heavy duty rotation bearing allowing 360 degree continuous rotation with direct hydraulic drive

•  Patented center pin design allows pin to be easily removed for jaw maintenance and blades to be adjusted to and from each other without the use of shims


Shear ModelWeight of Shear
Minimum Excavator
Weight (Pounds)
Jaw Opening
Jaw Depth
Cutting Force
Big Mouth10,00045,0003232700